Phil Shapira

Philip Shapira

Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech

Research Program:

Philip Shapira is a Professor in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology and Professor of Management, Innovation and Policy with the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. His interests encompass science and technology policy, economic and regional development, innovation management and policy, industrial competitiveness, technology trajectories and assessment, innovation measurement, and policy evaluation.

Prof. Shapira currently directs research programs on nanotechnology research and innovation systems assessment and on organizational influences on highly creative scientific research. Both of these projects involve data-mining of large-scale databases as well as other qualitative and quantitative methodologies. He has also directed multiple research and policy assessment studies on technology adoption and innovation in the US, and evaluated industrial networking and manufacturing technology partnerships, entrepreneurship initiatives, and university-industry research networks and clustering.

Other international studies include an evaluation of Japan's Advanced Materials Processing and Machining Technology Program; an assessment of intergovernmental research organizations for Forfas, Ireland; the Midsize Cities Technology Development Initiative;manufacturing innovation in the US, the UK, Germany and Spain (drawing on comparable innovation survey datasets); knowledge economy measurement in Malaysia; and innovation strategy and governance in the Manchester city-region.