Graduate students at a workshop

CNS-ASU organizes a variety of graduate education and training activities. Each year, the Center supports and trains an average of fifteen to twenty graduate and doctoral students across its three sites (ASU, UW-Madison and Georgia Tech).

Graduate students can be involved with CNS-ASU activities in a number of ways. Some are directly supported by graduate assistantships, others have drawn on CNS-ASU research data to develop their theses, while still others receive travel grants, or are involved with CNS-ASU activities. 

CNS-ASU also contributes to two fellowship programs for graduate-level researchers by supporting one third of their graduate stipend. The two fellowship programs are both jointly administered, the first with ASU's Biodesign Institute, and the other with the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. Participating students, in addition to helping with research activities, complete a PhD-plus with a selected member from CNS-ASU on their dissertation committee.