Cynthia Selin conducts a classroom session

In order to contribute to ASU's goals of being student-focused, CNS-ASU offers research internships to undergraduate students that go beyond typical student jobs. Undergraduates who work at CNS-ASU are typically involved directly with the research process, and contribute to research activity by learning and doing research data analysis, publication editing and supporting CNS-ASU events and other outreach activity.

CNS-ASU undergraduate student interns have a successful track record of post-graduate placement and success. Notable graduates include Zachary Pirtle who, after completing an engineering degree from ASU, secured a position with NASA, and Rebecca Hudson who is now a policy analyst for Southwest Gas Corporation.

In addition to its student employees, CNS-ASU also organizes a variety of undergraduate courses and supports honors undergraduate students in their thesis work. In previous years, numerous undergraduates have written honors theses supervised by CNS-ASU faculty, and many students involved with the InnovationSpace course complete honors theses related to the social and ethical issues of their design work.