Clark Miller

Associate Professor, School of Politics and Global Studies

Chair, PhD Program, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology

Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability


Clark Miller's research interests focus on science, technology & globalization, with a particular emphasis on the design and critical analysis of knowledge systems in support of international and global policymaking. He is also interested in the governance challenges posed by new and emerging technologies and the social sustainability of transitions in complex, large-scale, socio-technological systems. He has published over fifty articles on a wide range of topics in science and technology policy, studies of science and democracy, and international relations.

He currently leads a major research effort focused on the social consequences of energy system change. He is the editor of Changing the Atmosphere: Expert Knowledge and Environmental Governance (with Paul Edwards); Arizona's Energy Future (with Sharlissa Moore); and Nanotechnology, the Brain, and the Future (with Sean Hays, Jason Robert and Ira Bennett). He is a participant in the Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies Engineering Research Center and the Person-Centered Technologies and Practices for Individuals with Disabilities IGERT.