Science Cafe series continues with Power in the Nano City

March 28, 2013

Speakers at the event

Continuing the year-long series on the Nano City, the CNS-ASU Science Cafe held its March event last week entitled Power in the Nano City. The discussion focused on the issue of "power" in two of its forms: electricity and authority. To explore these themes and the ways they intertwine, the speakers examined how political power structures in local and federal government can influence the distribution of electricity to various populations.

Leading the discussion were two energy experts from two different domains. Dr. Christiana Honsberg from the ASU Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering leads research on ultra high-efficiency solar cells and gave insight into the technology that will power today and tomorrow's renewable energy sources. Nancy LaPlaca was a policy advisor for former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman. She is now a consultant and policy expert who was able to provide detailed analysis of the policy behind providing power from different sources including coal, gas and renewables.

For those unable to attend the discussion, the event recording is available now below, or on our Vimeo channel.

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