Miles Brundage Reviews Chappie, a New Robot Movie

While disappointed with the film’s “overly anthropomorphic and mostly implausible” portrayal of robots, CNS-ASU's Miles Brundage and co-author Jamie Winterton do appreciate the film’s attempt to capture the moral complexity of robotics research. 

Jonny Hankins Reviews Third Issue of JRI

Jonny Hankins has posted a review of the third issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation at Focus, a blog of the Bassetti Foundation. The issue contains commentary and articles from VIRI members David Guston, Armin Grunwald, Sujatha Raman, and Xavier Pavie. 

Future Tense Blogger Miles Brundage Lauds Interstellar's Portrayal of Future Robots

In his new Future Tense blog post, "The Anti-HAL: The Interstellar Robot Should Be the Future of Artificial Intelligence," Miles Brundage analyzes how the blockbuster Interstellar bucks sci-fi stereotypes through its portrayal of artificial intelligence and well-behaved robots.

Jonny Hankins Reviews the Second Issue of JRI

Jonny Hankins has posted a review of the second issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation at Focus, a blog of the Bassetti Foundation.

President Obama's bioethics commission releases volume 1 of its neuroscience & ethics report

The report cites the work of Erik Fisher, associate editor for the Journal of Responsible Innovation and principal investigator for the Socio-Technical Integration Research [STIR] Project. Quotes from his testimony to the commission are on page 15.

Jonny Hankins Interviews David Guston about JRI

David Guston shares how the Journal of Responsible Innovation was conceived and what his aims are for its future. 

Newswise publicizes launch of JRI

Newswise, a science newswire service for journalists, has published the press release announcing the launch of JRI

10 Years After Its Inception, Battlestar Gallactica's Relevance Remains

Future Tense blogger Miles Brundage asserts that the 10-year-old Battlestar Galactica forced us to question what we want to get out of the technologies we're creating, a question arguably more pressing today. 

Jonny Hankins reviews the first issue of JRI

Hankins provides a brief summary of and response to each article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation


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