Jonny Hankins Reviews the Second Issue of JRI

Jonny Hankins has posted a review of the second issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation at Focus, a blog of the Bassetti Foundation.

VIRI Announces New Partners

The Bassetti Foundation provides brief descriptions of VIRI's five new members on its blog. 

Jonny Hankins Interviews David Guston about JRI

David Guston shares how the Journal of Responsible Innovation was conceived and what his aims are for its future. 

Innovation Excellence publishes Jonny Hankins' Review of the First Issue of JRI

Innovation Excellence has published Jonny Hankins' review of the inaugural issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation. His review guides readers through the issue with a brief summary of and commentary on each article. 

Jonny Hankins reviews the first issue of JRI

Hankins provides a brief summary of and response to each article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation

What should responsible innovation look like in our society?

The emerging concept of responsible innovation is already taking hold in science policy and governance, writes Jonny Hankins. He argues for a multi-faced approach that emphasizes reflexivity, involves public engagement from the outset and brings on board social scientists.

ASU-led symposium at AAAS conference examines responsible innovation across cultures, political settings

CNS-ASU Director David Guston led an international symposium on “Responsible Innovation in a Global Context” at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2014 conference in Chicago on Feb. 15. The symposium anticipates the launch of the new Journal of Responsible Innovation (JRI) later this month.

Innovation Excellence: Interview with Erik Fisher

The following extract is taken from an interview between Jonny Hankins and Erik Fisher in which he raises questions regarding the work of VIRI and its relevance to members of the Innovation Excellence community.

Blogging Responsible Innovation

Jonny Hankins takes a look at how and where Responsible Innovation is addressed through blogging.

The Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation

The Bassetti Foundation is pleased to announce that last week the NSF announced a grant to establish a new Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI) at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at ASU (CNS-ASU).


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