VIRI Holds First Annual Meeting in Sussex, UK

Jonny Hankins of the Bassetti Foundation posted a blog about the first annual meeting of the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI), held 14 – 16 July, 2015, in Sussex, UK. 

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Hosts 4th International Conference on RI

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) hosted the Fourth International Conference on Responsible Innovation in The Hague, Netherlands 24 – 25 August 2015. Jonny Hankins of the Bassetti Foundation posted a blog about the event here.  

Bassetti Foundation Profiles Agri/Cultures Projects

The Bassetti Foundation has posted a profile of the new RI-related Agri/Cultures Project being led by Fern Wickson, program coordinator for the Society, Ecology and Ethics Department (SEED) at the Genok Centre for Biosafety.

Jonny Hankins Reviews the Latest Issue of JRI

Jonny Hankins, foreign correspondent with the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation, has published a review of Volume 2, Issue 1 of the Journal of Responsible Innovation. You can read the entire review here:

Defining and Growing Responsible Innovation

VIRI member Jonny Hankins of the Basetti Foundation has contributed an article to IEEE’s Tech Talk blog. The article “What Does ‘Responsible Innovation’ Mean?” can be viewed here:

New Article on GM Foods and Responsible Innovation

Jonny Hankins, foreign correspondent for the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation, has published a paper in the Italian journal/magazine Formazione, Lavoro, Persona (, a University of Bergamo publication.

Jonny Hankins Reviews Third Issue of JRI

Jonny Hankins has posted a review of the third issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation at Focus, a blog of the Bassetti Foundation. The issue contains commentary and articles from VIRI members David Guston, Armin Grunwald, Sujatha Raman, and Xavier Pavie. 

VIRI Member Hankins Publishes Article on the EST-Frame Final Conference

The EST-Frame Final Conference on integrated assessment of emerging science and technologies took place in Brussels, Belgium, on December 2. Jonny Hankins recaps the conference in his article,  "EST-Frame Final Conference Report." VIRI member Ellen-Marie Forsberg of Oslo and Akershus University College presented on the needs for integrated assessments and TranSTEP at the conference. 

S.NET's New Publication on Responsible Innovation Includes Article By VIRI Member Hankins

S.NET's latest volume, Innovation and Responsibility: Engaging with New and Emerging Technologies, includes articles related to many aspects of responsible innovation, including its historical context, success stories, shortcomings, obstacles, discourse-shaping narratives, actors & roles, and public engagement. The volume also includes a reprint of Jonny Hankins' JRI article, "Notes from the S.NET Conference." 

Jonny Hankins Publishes Article on Collective Food Purchasing Networks' Role in Responsible Innovation

In their article, "Collective Food Purchasing Networks in Italy as a Case Study of Responsible Innovation," authors J. Hankins and C. Grasseni examine alternative food networks "as a form of active citizenship that could re-orient the current debate on responsible innovation."


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