Synthetic Biology Reports

Draft Report: 
Workshop on Research Agendas in the Societal Aspects of Synthetic Biology

Prepared for the National Science Foundation by David H. Guston, Arizona State University; Richard M. Murray, California Institute of Technology; and Jennifer Dyck Brian, Arizona State University

December 2014 

Research Agendas in Societal Aspects of Synthetic Biology Workshop:
Evaluation Results

Arizona State University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness (UOEEE)

January 2015

Notes on Next Steps

Workshop sponsored by National Science Foundation award #1445903


Collage Photo Credits

Top Row, left to right

Bottom Row, left to right

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  • Communities of Integration, 2013, CNS photo
  • Multipart BioBrick, Registry of Standard Biological Parts,
  • Artemisia annua, 2003, Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service (cropped & changed to B & W)
  • A/CA/4/09 Swine Flu Virus, 2009, Public Domain, CDC/C. S. Goldsmith and A. Balish
  • CNS Board of Visitors Meeting, 2013, CNS photo