Zvi Meitar

Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies

Member since 2015

The Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies at the Radzyner Law School, Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, funded by a generous donation from the Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund has a broad mandate to examine the ethical, social, economical and legal issues of new and emerging technologies both in hitech and in biotech. Within this broad range of technologies, the institute will have a particular focus on disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, cloud computing telemedicine and next generation genomic sequencing. The institute is intended to have multiple faces, including, an academic face wherein the institute strives to publish and present scholarly papers, books and textbooks in academic forums. The institute will also collaborate with other similar-minded institutions locally and globally on varied issues within its mandate. And, it will strive to obtain additional outside funding in the form of grants and awards to expand its operations. A public face of the institute will look toward educating and informing the public on issues relating to new and innovative technologies both through publishing in the lay literature, newspaper opinion pages and via various forms of social media, and also through regular events designed to engage broad audiences of the public at large. The pedagogical face of the institute will endeavor to engage students through individual projects for students who join the center, as well as on- and off- campus symposia, colloquia and regular events featuring local and international scholars on areas of interest to the institute. Finally, the policy face of the institute intends to provide deliverables relating to relevant and timely policy issues to governmental and/or corporate bodies.

VIRI Leader Dov Greenbaum is director of the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies.

Selected RRI Publications

Greenbaum, Dov. 2014. "The Importance of Authentic Science on Screen." Science 344: 980-980.

Greenbaum, Dov. 2013. "If You Can't Walk the Walk, Do you Have to Talk the Talk: Ethical Considerations for the Emerging Field of Sports Genomics." American Journal of Bioethics 13 (10): 19-21.

Greenbaum, Dov, Andrea Sboner, Xinmeng Jasmine Mu, and Mark Gerstein. 2011. "Genomics & Privacy: Implications of the New Reality of Closed Data for the Field." PLOS Computational Biology 7 (12). http://journals.plos.org/ploscompbiol/article?id=10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002278

Sboner, Andrea, Xinmeng Mu, Dov Greenbaum, Mark Gerstein. 2011. "The Real Cost of Sequencing." Genome Biology 12 (8). http://www.genomebiology.com/2011/12/8/125

Greenbaum, Dov. 2008. "Incentivizing Pharmacogenomic Drug Development: How the FDA Can Overcome Early Missteps in Regulating Personalized Medicine." Rutgers Law Review 40 (1): 97-158. http://lawjournal.rutgers.edu/sites/lawjournal.rutgers.edu/files/issues/v40/1/02GreenbaumVol.40.1.r_1.pdf

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  • Monday, February 16, 2015

    Five new members have been accepted to VIRI. They include the University of Basque Country in Spain, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the University of Ottawa in...


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