Center for Science, Technology & Society
Kyung Hee University

Member since 2014

The mission of the CSTS is to facilitate research on scientific governance in order to enable more informed societal and policy decisions on innovations and applications of S&T. The CSTS aims to conduct social scientific research on the relationship between S&T and society 1) to provide theoretical and empirical knowledge on scientific governance for socially equitable, politically democratic, and ethically and environmentally responsible S&T innovation; 2) to enhance contextually-sensitive social scientific investigation to solve S&T related social problems; 3) to promote public understanding and engagement of S&T; and 4) to link social science research knowledge to public policies for better scientific governance.  Currently CSTS conducts a multi-year project on scientific governance of Korea, funded by the Korea Research Foundation, with Bak as its principal investigator and seven other Korean and international scholars.

VIRI Leader Hee-Je Bak is a professor of sociology and director of the Center for Science, Technology, & Society at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea.   


Selected Publications

Bak, H-J. 2014. "The Utilitarian View of Science and the Norms and Practices of Korean Scientists."  In Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology and Society, eds. D. L. Kleinman and K. Moore. London: Routledge, 399-411.

Bak, H-J. 2014. "The Politics of Technoscience in Korea: From State Policy to Social Movement." EASTS: An International Journal 8 (2): 159-174. doi: 10.1215/18752160-2680275

Bak, H-J. 2010.  "Determinants of the Selection of Research Topics Among Korean Scientists: Intellectual Curiosity, Research Funds, or Peer Recognition? Economy and Society 85: 211-236. (In Korean).

Bak, H-J. 2007.  "Politico-Sociological Understanding of Social Impact Assessment." Korean Journal of Social Theory 32: 143-175. (In Korean).

Bak, H-J. 2006.  "Commercialization of Science and Changing Normative Structure of the Scientific Community." Korean Journal of Sociology 40 (4): 19-47. (In Korean).​


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