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Phil Macnaghten has worked at the leading edge of the science in society field since the mid-1990s on a series of science and technology controversies, notably: GM food and crops, transgenic animals, nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, climate geoengineering and hydraulic fracking. He has developed in-depth qualitative methodologies for researching controversial technologies, which, in turn, have informed the development of the Owen/Macnaghten Responsible Innovation framework, which is being implemented across the portfolio of EPSRC-funded research. At the University of Campinas, Phil organized an international workshop in March 2014 in Brazil aimed at exploring responsible innovation beyond borders. He is also leading a research project aimed at exploring a framework of responsible innovation in Brazil.

VIRI Associate Director Phil Macnaghten is a professor in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a visiting professor in the Department of Science and Technology Policy, Institute of Geosciences, at the State University of Campinas in Brazil". 

Selected Publications

Macnaghten, Phil, Richard Owen, Jack Stilgoe, B. Wynne, A. Azevedo, A. de Campos, J. Chilvers, R. Dagnino, G. di Giulio, Emma Frow, B. Garvey, C. Groves, Sarah Hartley, M. Knobel, E. Kobayashi, M. Lehtonnen, J. Lezaun, L. Mello, Marko Monteiro, et al. 2014. "Responsible Innovation Across Borders: Tensions, Paradoxes and Possibilities. Journal of Responsible Innovation 1 (2), 1-12. 

Stilgoe, Jack, Richard Owen, and Phil Macnaghten. 2013. "Developing a Framework for Responsible Innovation." Research Policy 42 (9): 1568-1580.

Sykes, Kathy and Phil Macnaghten. 2013. "Opening up Dialogue and Debate." Responsible Innovation: Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society, eds. Richard Owen, John Bessant, and Maggy Heintz. West Sussex: Wiley,​ 85–107. 

Owen, Richard, Phil Macnaghten, Jack Stilgoe, Mike Gorman, Erik Fisher, and David Guston. 2013. "A Framework for Responsible Innovation." In Responsible Innovation: Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society, eds. Richard Owen, John Bessant, and Maggy Heintz. Oxford: Wiley, 27–50
http://media.wiley.com/product_data/excerpt/61/11199663/1119966361-3.pdf  (Open Access).

Owen, Richard, Phil Macnaghten, and Jack Stilgoe. 2012. "Responsible Research and Innovation: From Science in Society to Science for Society, with Society." Science and Public Policy 39 (6): 751-760.


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