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ESSEC-ISIS is a center of excellence and applied research at ESSEC Business School in Paris. Created in January 2004, ESSEC-ISIS aims at generating, stimulating and promoting innovation in the 21st century service and knowledge economy. Its goal is to contribute to sustainable growth and to the competitiveness of organizations. ESSEC-ISIS conducts various research projects, organizes events and publishes cahiers (notebook format publications) and books on innovation, strategy and services. Over the past five years, ESSEC-ISIS has dedicated much research towards developing the concept of responsible innovation, essentially using a two-pronged approach. Led by Dr. Xavier Pavie – whose background is in the convergence of management and philosophy with a focus on innovation – the concept was developed in light of the various issues at stake for the innovator in need of a strategy and process for carrying out his or her actions responsibly. In 2012, ESSEC-ISIS created the Responsible Innovation Department, providing an exclusive platform dedicated to the research, teaching and knowledge-sharing of all aspects related to responsible innovation. In light of recent market events, the role of responsibility has acquired a whole new meaning in the research and innovation context. RID aims to create a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and experience between the academic and business worlds in order to address the current gap relating to responsible innovation. In 2014, Dr. Pavie was elected President of the evaluation committee for projects in the ‘Innovation’ category for the French National Research Agency (ANR – Agence Nationale de la Recherche) as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

VIRI Leader Xavier Pavie is the director of ESSEC-ISIS and a senior researcher and lecturer in innovation management and strategic marketing of services as ESSEC Business School.   


Selected Publications

Pavie, Xavier, Victor Scholten, and Daphne Carthy. 2014. Responsible Innovation: From Concept to Practice. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.

Pavie, Xavier and Daphne Carthy. 2014. "The Uncertainty of Innovation and How to Cope with It. European Medical Device Technology.

Pavie, Xavier. 2013. "Les Enjeux de L'innovation Responsable." Le Cercle Les Echos.​

Pavie, Xavier. 2012. Innovation Responsable: Strategie et Levier de Croissance des Organizations. Paris: Eyrolles.

Pavie, Xavier. 2013. "The Importance of Responsible-Innovation and the Necessity of Innovation-Care." Forthcoming in Philosophy of Management; ESSEC Working Paper No. 1203.



Recent ESSEC RRI News Items

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    Jonny Hankins of the Bassetti Foundation posted a blog about the first annual meeting of the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI), held 14 – 16 July, 2015, in Sussex, UK. 

  • Thursday, February 05, 2015

    Jonny Hankins has posted a review of the third issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation at Focus, a blog of the Bassetti Foundation. The issue contains commentary and articles from VIRI...



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