Fondazione Giannino Bassetti for Responsibility in Innovation

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Since its establishment in 1999, the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation has fostered the investigation and promotion of responsible innovation as its mission. The main body of research and the activities of the Foundation are made accessible in the public domain through its website, which provides a veritable archive of fifteen years of workshops, interviews, reviews, news, seminars, and online publications. The Bassetti Foundation also publishes a book series and supports a broad array of events such as conferences and book presentations, aimed at bridging academic, institutional, and entrepreneurial understandings of responsible innovation. The Foundation's mission is to promote responsible innovation among policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and civil society through high quality communication and dissemination, with the goal of creating ongoing conversations between stakeholders on established debates and emerging issues regarding the theme of technological, economic, cultural, and scientific innovation and its societal impact throughout history. The Foundation is not however an academic institution. While its goal is to promote the discussion and study of responsible innovation, its ambition is to be conducive to the implementation of strategies in the real world.

VIRI Partner Jonathan Hankins is foreign scientific correspondent for the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation. 


Selected RRI Publications

Hankins, Jonathan. 2014. "Notes from the S.NET Conference." Journal of Responsible Innovation 1 (1): 125-128.

Hankins, Jonathan. 2013. "Endnotes: Buidling Capacity for Responsible Innovation." In Responsible Innovation: Concepts and Practice, eds. Richard Owen, John Bessant, and Maggy Heintz. London: Wiley, 269-273.

Hankins, Jonathan. 2011. A Handbook for Responsible Innovation. Milan: Bassetti Foundation.

Ubois, Jeff. 2009. Innovation, Power and Responsibility. Milan: Bassetti Foundation.

Pellegrini, Giuseppe, ed. 2008. Technoscientific Innovation. Milan: Bassetti Foundation.


Recent Bassetti Foundation RRI News Items

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