Thomas Woodson

Doctoral candidate, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech


Thomas Woodson specializes in science and technology policy and international development. For his current project Thomas is investigating the affects of nanotechnology on inequality throughout the world. Before arriving at Georgia Tech, Thomas worked in Africa doing volunteer work and research. For 18 months Thomas worked with college students, refugees and orphans in South Africa. Then he worked in Burkina Faso as a visiting research fellow at the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE). At 2iE he designed, built and tested an earth air heat exchanger for rural West Africa villages.

Thomas received his B.S. at Princeton University. He studied electrical engineering, with a focus in electrical materials. While at Princeton he studied novel OLEDs structures and characterized the surface morphology of transparent conducting oxide for a local solar panel company. He also calibrated two plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition machines, one at Princeton University and the other at the University of Virginia. The machines are being used in a variety of research ranging from biomedical engineering to physics.

Thomas currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia although he was born and raised in Texas. In his spare time, Thomas does triathlons. His current goal is to complete an Ironman Triathlon.