Jathan Sadowski

Doctoral candidate, Human and Social Dimensions in Science & Technology


Jathan Sadowski's research is informed by philosophy of technology, applied ethics, social theory, and STS. His primary focus is, broadly speaking, on digital information and communication technology. He casts a critical eye on emerging trends and technologies like the Quantified Self movement, big data, Internet of Things, persuasive technologies, gamification, and digital technocracy. Jathan also works with the Center for Nanotechnology in Society researching public engagement and foresight around nano.

In addition to academic publications in places like Science and Engineering Ethics and American Journal of Bioethics, Jathan has written for popular media outlets such as The Atlantic, The New Inquiry, and Cyborgology. He has a B.S. in Philosophy from Rochester Institute of Technology and spends a lot of time on Twitter -- you can follow him @jathansadowski.