Material Deliberation as Public Engagement in the NISE Network


Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 11:30am to 1:00pm


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Material Deliberation as Public Engagement in the Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Network

Informal science educators occupy a powerful position in defining emerging science and technology for and with their publics, and the ways in which those publics engage. This presentation explores how informal science educators in the United States create a definition of public engagement through the material deliberation of physical objects, spaces and emotions.

This talk focuses on three major programming efforts of the NISE Network: ArtNano, NanoDays, and NanoForums. ArtNano demonstrates that though there is an interest in artistic material deliberation, educators have not yet settled on the best way to incorporate art methods and knowledges into their practices. NanoDays shows the NISE Network’s material response to the constraints of spreading knowledge through a diverse network of educators. Finally, NanoForums examines how professional practices help define the role of the science museum and informal science education in civic learning and deliberation.


Kathryn De Ridder-Vignone, post-doctoral researcher with CNS-ASU.

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