Meaningful Relationships Among Artists, Scientists, & Audiences


Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 11:30am to 1:00pm


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Occasional Speaker: Megan Halpern

Meaningful Relationships Among Artists, Scientists, & Audiences

Megan Halpern will share her insights gained from facilitating collaborations between artists and scientists. She will focus on tools for collaboration, the difference between expression and explanation in science performances, and how art/science collaborations can inform current thinking about science communication. She shares how user-centered design practices help collaborators develop “boundary objects” to help reveal how scientists and artists conceptualize audiences and how tension between different forms of expression and explanation can help to reimagine public engagement with science and technology.

About Megan Halpern

Megan Halpern recently earned her PhD in Science Communication from Cornell University. Her research interests include the intersection of art and science, the relationship between experts and the public in both art and science, and human computer interaction design. Prior to her work at Cornell, Megan co-founded Redshift Productions, a company that creates science performances and works with artists and scientists to create new forms of scientific outreach. In September, Megan will join CNS as a Post Doctoral Researcher.

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